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Neutral Paradise

new album of xenharmonic pop, avant rock, and modern electronica.  the album is the available for download at or here, where a limited run of CDs is also available.



Music composed for animation, multimedia, film, and commercial purposes.

90 second sampler tracks of various genres and styles.

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A xenharmonic album featuring 9 songs- each one in their own unique tuning system.  The album made Igloo Magazine’s Best of 2012 list:

There’s an immediate wow factor embedded within these eight pieces of sonic delight as featured in the tantalizing world of Brendan Byrnes‘ Micropangaea—a kaleidoscope of surreal instrumentation which roots itself in the subconscious and elevates the senses.”  

Visit for a companion website with tuning information and liner notes designed by Kerstin Hovland. 

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For Choreography

by Brendan Byrnes

Music scored for original works by Stephan Koplowitz, Daniel Charon, Cherise Richards, and Anne Moore.


Xenharmonic and Mircrotonal

Songs and works in various microtonal and xenharmonic tuning systems.  Some use equal divisions of the octave (EDOs).  Some use custom Just Intonation scales. 

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Microtonal Psych Pop band.  See more at

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Solo album.