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Brendan Byrnes is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, mix engineer, educator, and piano tuner working in Los Angeles, CA.   He frequently collaborates with animators and choreographers, and is a post-production workhorse at Castledine Productions.  He is perhaps best known for his xenharmonic album Micropangaea ( / Spectropol Records) and is the leader, vocalist, and guitarist of microtonal psych-pop band ILEVENSHe earned his BFA in Contemporary Writing and Production from the Berklee College of Music in 2004 and his MFA in Composition from The California Institute of the Arts in 2012.


In addition to his work in electronic music, sound art, and rock music, his works for string ensemble and orchestra have been performed internationally.  His String Quartet “Aman” was premiered in 5 cities in Nicaragua including Managua’s National Concert Hall (2004) and “Chroma”, for full orchestra, was premiered by the San Francisco Sinfonietta alongside Paul McCartney’s “Oratorio” in San Francisco, California (2011).  A recent collaborative composition with virtuoso violinist and composer Mark Menzies titled “Swongering Butterfly” was premiered for “Ensemble Sospeso: The Machine Breathes” at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music, NYC (2012). 

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ILEVENS featuring visuals by Kerstin Hovland and Emery Martin.  Opening acts are Katie Stewing Rubber, Deyrdier, Georgia Bell and Maxwell Gualtierri.  $5.  DETAILS


after-party performance for TETHERING by Becca Lemme and Acts of Matter


Selected as a judge for the 2014-2015 contest .  The contest is held annually and awards the best 3 microtonal and xenharmonic works in any style.  A collaboration by Brendan Byrnes and Alex Wand took 2nd place in the 2012-2013 contest and can be heard HERE
Details for the contest here:


Opening for Kraut-rock pioneers Faust.  Fo(u)r Tunings is a piece for full orchestra, electronics, and "rock band".  The tunings used are 20 EDO, a custom 13 limit JI scale, good ol' 12 EDO and the Bohlen Pierce scale.  DETAILS

Music Reviews

Igloo Magazine "There’s an immediate wow factor embedded within these eight pieces of sonic delight"    READ HERE
Can This Even Be Called  Music? "Unlike most microtonal stuff I’ve heard, the goal here is not to challenge the listener, but rather to take his hand and show him new soundscapes, and to show him the beauty of it all."    READ HERE


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